NC Students Must Wear Masks in School

It has been revealed that in North Carolina, teachers and students must all wear masks during classes. This is a rule that has been implemented by the state’s Board of Education. The state does not want anyone to get hurt either by accidents or by the other students. All children attending North Carolina schools must be protected with safety equipment.

If this is not enough, you might consider how political propaganda would have to be stopped if only the schools were political machines. But that is another story. I have no idea what kind of political propaganda there is in the United States of America, let alone North Carolina. My question is who cares? And besides, the point of wearing a mask while riding a school bus is to prevent the spread of germs.

There was a time when the students on a school bus would throw a red plastic mask at an adult, which is a pretty good prank. And that led to a fight. However, now that we have smart kids with computers, they come up with more pranks. If the teacher sees that a student is trying to sneak out of class, they will grab the child by the scruff of their neck and pull them off the bus. If the bus driver sees a student with a mask, they will pull him off the bus. Students must also wear masks on the bus.

Masks are required for all teachers in North Carolina schools. They also must wear a head scarf, as well. Of course, if they do not want to wear a mask, they can take off their head scarves and other clothing. However, if they wish to cover their heads, they must do so with a long sleeve, cloth-covered cloth.

When the sun shines in North Carolina, the world’s most fashionable state, it appears as though our students in schools everywhere are shying away from the sun. While this may be due in part to their lack of desire to look like the rest of the world, it could be a reflection of their lack of protection. Today, many NC school children are not wearing any type of mask on their heads. They prefer to breathe in fresh air. Unfortunately, some of them are still wearing head covers.

In North Carolina, the law clearly says that no student can be compelled to wear a veil or other facial covering while on school property. However, many teachers and school employees have learned to adapt their own policies. For example, one school resource employee told me that she would give a student a hard time if he did not wear a mask on his head. She explained that the law does not require it, but if a student wants to wear a mask, then he should have the ability to do so. If the student does not want to cover his face, then that is his choice.


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